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ez-fit SYSTEM


The EZ-fit system provides a labour saving solution to damaged or worn rack & pinion systems. The EZ-fit pinion unit combines all the best features of our conventional housing but with a significant additional feature - it is assembled in two halves so can clamp over an existing tube with no disruption to the existing system. This means that damaged pinions can be replaced in just a few minutes as the drive tube and associated bearers do not have to be removed. Both pinion and housing are rigidly bolted together with A2 Stainless Steel Screws with Nyloc nuts.


The performance characteristics of all components have been fully tested and have proved durable, hardwearing and deliver excellent longevity.


The EZ fit pinion is available to fit ¾”, 1” and 1¼” BSP tube and may be used for new installations as well as refits.



• Hardwearing zinc alloy pinion wheel

• Four stainless-steel grub screws for increased grip on the tube

• Retro fits in place of Roper IBG pinions - for more info, click here.

• Low friction Delrin slider block & rack guides

• Delrin pinion wheel bearings

• Compatible with our existing racks




The EZ-Fit bearer completes the system. The bearer head is bolted in place once the existing damaged bearer has been removed.

EZ-Fit bearers may be ordered as heads only or as a complete unit.


This bearer is designed to be clamped and bolted onto the drive tube while it remains in place. As with the EZ-fit pinion, when replacing a single bearer in a long run, the ability to replace one without removing the entire system means the labour time is greatly reduced - in some cases, a task that could take a day can be done in just an hour.



• backward compatible with our one piece bearers

• hardwearing glass / Nylon co-polymer

• stainless steel bolt with Nyloc nut