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THE Glass Pavilions

Sheffield Botanical Gardens


The Sheffield Botanical Gardens, designed by Robert Marnock and opened for the first time in 1836, are listed by English Heritage as a Grade II site of special historical and architectural interest.


After many months of this restoration work the Sheffield Botanical Gardens Pavilions opened for the first time to the public on 19th April 2003. The Pavilions were designed by B.B. Taylor around 1836 and formed one of the earliest curvilinear glasshouses ever built - predating Chatsworth’s stove house and the Crystal Palace in London built by Joseph Paxton.


Climate Controls undertook the installation of all mechanical and electrical services. This included the design and installation of specialist ventilation, irrigation and controls installations to maintain the optimum desired environment within the various zones of the pavilions.


The Sheffield Botanical Gardens received the Institute of Horticulture’s Norah Stucken Award for the restoration of the glass pavilions and formal entrance gate.


Climate Controls Ltd gained a commendation from the Civic Trust for their part in the restoration of the Pavilions.




Sheffield Botanical Gardens