Hyde Park Super Nursery


For over 20 years, Climate Controls have partnered with Hedafor (formerly Deforche Construct) to bring a unique offering to UK & Irish clients.

The success story of the family-run company Deforche Construct NV starts in 1932. At that time, the company specialised in the construction of traditional timber greenhouses. The next generation constructed an aluminium roof on a steel substructure and was the first company in the world to do so in 1958. Deforche became a pioneer in the construction of greenhouses using steel and aluminium systems. This resulted in the creation of new markets across many industry sectors at home and abroad. Deforche Construct steadily grew to become a respected international expert in greenhouse structures made in glass, steel and aluminium.

In celebration of their 90th year, Deforche have rebranded as Hedafor. As part of the Deforche Construction Group, they have 90 years experience in the construction of greenhouses and climate control technology. 

One of the major reasons why Hedafor expanded continuously is from the beginning, the requirements and expectations of the client is their priority. This focus was and is still being endorsed by an innovating spirit, excellent craftsmanship, flexibility, creativity and an obvious desire to achieve quality.

Hedafor have become international experts in greenhouses & conservatories in glass, steel and aluminium. They are recognised for their complete turnkey projects integrating all the required equipment, services and technologies. Their depth of knowledge is unparalleled in the industry.