Greenhouse computerised environment controls


The MS100 PowerStation provides accurate dependable environmental control for glasshouses and glazed structures.

The MS100 PowerStation Environment Controller operates the various systems and associated equipment within the controlled environment to achieve the optimum required conditions, dependent upon the controlling set points, the desired and actual internal conditions and the ambient outdoor meteorological conditions.

The desired environment is achieved using a complex set of algorithms rather than a logic based system. This approach ensures that the target conditions, as set by the user, are more likely to be achieved and more accurately maintained.


The MS100 PowerStation is delivered with all software factory installed.  Programs are included to control the following systems:



Soil / bench heating

Ventilation – two distinct groups, up to 4 vents each

Screens (two groups)

Lighting (16 groups)

CO2 control

Humidity control, fan control

Irrigation and misting

Soil humidity measurement

Boiler plant

Boiler room main pipe


Alarm / warning functions

For ease of use and complete integration, it is possible to connect almost any sensor, from any manufacturer to the MS100 PowerStation. The only requirement is that the sensor delivers some kind of electrical output. Alternatively, passive sensors like PT1000, NTC, PTC, potentiometer etc. may also be used.

All system components are suitable for installation within a hostile type environment.  To achieve this, each circuit board is treated with a protective lacquer to prevent moisture ingression and corrosion. All enclosures are sealed to IP65 specification.

The system is backed up by non-volatile memory, so that in the event of a power failure all vital information stored in the controllers is not lost.  Once the power disruption is resolved, the unit will continue to operate normally.

Download MS100 overview & sensor specifications