Kew Arboretum Nursery


A specialist nursery dedicated to growing trees.

The new nursery replaces the old dilapidated greenhouses with new state of the art glasshouses, welfare building, potting workshop and plant room.​

The main aims of the new nursery are to improve facilities for the care of the national collection, to improve facilities for the staff and volunteers caring for the collection and to permit the opportunity for visitors to contribute to their understanding of the work of RBG, Kew, by introducing public viewing areas in the Arboretum Nursery.

The finished project covers a total of approximately 1,000 sq. metres and includes the glasshouse, environment control systems, LED lighting, rainwater recovery systems, shading and ebb / flood benching.

The Arboretum Nursery is a first for Kew as it allows public access to one of the ‘behind the scenes’ working nurseries. The opportunity to see the arboretum team at work has proved extremely popular with visitors. 

The Arboretum Nursery - where Kew's trees are born.