The National Botanic Garden of Wales' stunning single span centre piece.

The National Botanic Garden of Wales is located in the 560 acre park of the former 18th century Middleton Hall. At the heart of this development are a series of botanic gardens surrounding the Great Glass House, designed by architects, Foster and Partners.

The domed roof is a continuous arched form with minimal structural interference which maximises the light transmission whilst minimising maintenance. The house is solid on the north face to counter the cold in winter with generous ventilation to avoid overheating in summer. 

The Great Glass House is a 95 by 55 metre dome set into the landscape. The 3500 square metre Great Glasshouse houses 10,000 plants from 1,000 species. The Mediterranean climate within the Great Glasshouse is home to plants from Western Australia, South Africa, California, Chile and the Mediterranean basin.

The environment within The Great Glasshouse is controlled by the Climate Controls MS100 PowerStation. For more information, see technical details here: MS100 PowerStation

In addition to our involvement in the Great Glasshouse, Climate Controls were engaged to undertake a turnkey project comprising of the design and construction of a nursery complex to support the botanic gardens. This support nursery is also controlled by the MS100 PowerStation.

Subsequent to our involvement with The Great Glasshouse, we were successful in our bid to build a tropical display house at the NBGW. For more information, see this page: Tropical House, NBGW 


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At the time of its construction, 'The Great Glasshouse' was the largest single span glasshouse in the world.